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Hearty Pigment Clay & Scale Set

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1 set
550 gram
Package Size: W cm x H cm x D cm
You can make any your desired colors with Hearty Pigment Color Clays and white one. Hearty pigment color clays are made for mixing. Mixing white clay, you can get light and pale colors, with black clay, get dark colors. See the photo of color wheel. We recommend you to use the "Color Scale" included in the set for making color clay. 9 different sizes of round hole on the scale indicate a certain amount of clay and makes easy to make colors. Color chart is attached with the scale. It has two charts, a color chart for hearty clays on front, the other side is for Modena clay. Hearty pigment clays & the scale are in a set and it is only available on this online shopping site. Contents: 1 x Hearty White 200 g, 1 x Hearty Magenta 50 g, 1 x Hearty Yellow 50 g, 1 x Hearty Blue 50 g, 1 x Hearty Black 50 g, 1 x Color Scale Total price is 1,900 Yen. Just for now the price is 1,520 Yen.