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Resin Flower Accessories with Preserved Flowers

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Sarah Gaudi, accessory artist, introduces you resin flower accessories making with preserved flowers and with dried ones. The first 49 pages are full color pages with many photo image of accessories. Last 29 pages are two color print and has "how to make" written in Japanese. All titles of accessories are written in Japanese and in English, so it is easy to see what flowers are cured with resin. It is like hydrangea hatpin, delphinium flower pierced earrings, rose pearl bracelet, and so on. Book size is 19 cm x 22 cm. 57 flower accessories are in this guide book: Pierced earrings, ear cuff, bracelet, necklace, barrette, headband, brooch, etc.


Print length: 79 pages
Writer:Sayaka Orita(SRAH GAUDI)

Release:November 8th, 2016