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Resin Flower Set

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Pigment Liquid

This flower set allows you to make flowers such as cherry blossoms and poinsettias with UV-LED resin.Instructions are provided on the back of the packaging base.
We recommend this product for those who are trying out resin accessories for the first time, as the photos explain how to make them easily. This is a great gift idea.

・"Sun Drop" UV-LED Resin 30g
・Jewel Color Clear Color Set [Flower]
・Jewel Color for UV & UV-LED Curing Resin [Green]
・UV-LED Handy Light3
・Mixing Stick
・Jewel Color Mixing Palette
・Silicone mold [Hydrangea]

Package size:W205mm×H290mm×D70mm
Net weight:245g

Made in Japan
Release:March 3rd, 2023