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Yoshida StyleⅡ Ball Jointed Doll Making Guide

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YOSHIDA STYLE I is ball joint doll making guide for beginners. It shows how the dolls be made with stone clay, how to paint, to make eyes, hair, and shows. YOSHIDA STYLE II is ball joint doll making guide for advanced level. It is described well about casting process. It explains how to model a primary original mold, shape with a mold, joint pieces, and style a doll. It also shows how the plaster mold be made and used with PADICO modeling cast for copying a doll. It is written in Japanese, but step by step photos make it easy to understand the instructions. You can enjoy a beautiful photo gallery of dolls that Mr. Yoshida has been made.

Print length: 136 pages
Writer:Ryo Yoshida.

Release:April 3rd, 2014