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Hearty Clay White 40g, New

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Lightweight Clay

Hearty is super, ultra-light weight, flexible, non-toxic, pure pigmented mixable air dry clay.
Long-selling "Hearty Series" clay has been renovated and newly marketed with new product number.  New Hearty Clay provides finer, smoother, and less cracked.  It is easy to work with, sticks to any armature, but is not sticky on the hands. Hearty white is truly white in color and can be mixed with Hearty color pigments to create vibrant and beautiful colors.  Great for detailed and delicate work; flowers, miniatures, dolls, jewel making and embellishments. 
Made in Japan - Non-Toxic Modeling Clay - Hearty series clays are safe enough for artists of all ages since it conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN 71 AP safety standards to be non-toxic.

Hearty white clay is available in 180g and 40g.  

Package size:W145mm×H85mm×D20mm

Made in Japan
Release:July 14th, 2023