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Jewel Color Finish Coat Gloss 10ml

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Pigment Liquid

Jewel Color Finish Coating Gloss, covering the surface of the cured resin with the liquid to have shine texture. Air dry for 15 - 30 minutes.

  • Cover fine scratches on the cured resin surface and have a shining gloss.
  • Add gloss on the resin object molded with the mold not subjected to mirror surface finishing.
  • On the process of making a sphere with two hemispherical cured resins, this item is useful to cover the gap and gloss on the surface.
  • Use a paint brush or Pon Pon Attachment for tapping the gloss.
  • Use denatured alcohol to remove the gloss coat.
  • This is NOT resin coat. Do not mix with resin.

Bottle size:φ22mm×H62mm
Package size:W70mm×H130mm×D23mm
Color:Clear(Gloss coat)

Made in Japan
Release:July 26th, 2019