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Jewel Color for UV & UV-LED Resin Polarization Pearl 10ml

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Polarization Pearl Colorant for tinting UV & LED curing resins.
Pearl, Pearl Blue, and Pearl Pink colors are available for the polarization pearl series.
The pearl color liquid is mixed well with resin and has a beautiful polarization pearl colored resin. The polarization color can be tapped direct to the surface of resin parts and can be used for clay accessories. Optional product "Pon Pon Attachment" is a useful tool for tapping colors. Best use with UV-LED resin and 2 part epoxy resin. Polarization pearl change color tone of a pearl color itself, by bringing green and pink pearl gross. The pearl color can be mixed with other jewel colors.

Pigment Liquid

Bottle size:φ22mm×H62mm
Package size:W70mm×H130mm×D23mm
Color:Polarization Pearl

Made in Japan
Release:July 26th, 2017