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Jewel Color Mixing Palette Size-M

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Resin Tools

Jewel Color Mixing Palette for colored resin has been renewed.
Palettes for making large quantities of colored resins are now available in three sizes.
*The scale is for reference only and varies depending on the specific gravity of the liquid.
*When keeping resin in the palette, cover the entire palette with aluminum foil to shade.

  • The size-S can contain up to 10g of resin, the size-M up to 30g, and the size-L up to 60g.
  • This palette has a scale for liquid volume.
  • Holder can be used for color mixing pan.
  • Unlike silicone, this palette is dust resistant.

Palette Size:W90mm×H64mm×D27mm
Packaging size:W111mm×H160mm×D28mm
Contents:1 pack / 2 pcs
Upper temperature limit:80℃
Cold temperature limit:-20℃
Storage condition:Place out of direct sunlight.

Made in Japan
Release:November 17th, 2023