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La Doll 500g

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Stone Clay

La Doll is the PADICO original stone clay that is made from fine natural stone. The clay is fine grained and malleable for easy doll making with satin smooth finish. It is ideal for figure dolls, miniature house, diorama, and seal-carving. Molded, sculpted, stamped, or carved, it is the perfect air-dry clay for fine detail work. La Doll sticks to any core material: wire mesh, wood, glass, paper, and Styrofoam. When dry, it can be carved, sanded, or polished. Even when dried hard, raw clay can be added. Paintable with any type of paint, once the surface is dry. Confirmed to ASTM D 4236.


Package size:W155mm×H90mm×D30mm

Made in Japan
Release:June 1980