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Sun Drop UV-LED Resin 500g

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New Sun Drop, improved UV-LED curing resin with excellent cost performance & new design.

  • One component resin curing with both LED light(405nm) and UV light(36W).
  • Less yellowing* issue than previous UV resin.
  • Good curing result with silicone mold.
  • Curing starts immediately, and is completely finished in 30 - 120 seconds.
  • Expose front and back sides to UV light to nsure curing inside of resin.
  • Minimize the curvature of the resin during curing.
  • Due to low heat shrinkage of 4%, works well with open back bezels.
  • Cure well in sunlight.
  • The surface of a cured item is not sticky.


Bottle size:φ66mm×H226mm
Ingredients:Acrylic UV LED curable resin

<Light source>
UV-LED Light (wavelength 405nm)
UV Light (wavelength 365nm)

Made in Japan
Release:May 28th, 2021