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UV-LED Smart Wide Light

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Resin Tools

18 LEDs, large size and powerful lamp, ideal for resin.

  • 18 UV-LEDs, cures resin evenly and firmly.
  • Hybrid curing unit, compatible for LED 405nm & 365 nm.
  • The light's beam coverage is approximately 4 times wider than that of a handy light and can be used for large molds.
  • 18 mm thin tablet type for convenient storage.
  • Can be used stationary with a retractable stand.
  • Has automatic 30 seconds and 60 seconds timer.

*Because LED light emits yellow light unlike normal blue light, so the light may be perceived as strong.

Unit size:W229mm×H136mm×D18mm
Packaging size:W170mm×H265mm×D25mm
Height of Stands:58mm
Contents:UV Smart Wide Light (main)、USB cable (Length1m)、Warranty(valid for 6 months)
Main unit weight:220g
Gross weight:310g
Unit color:White
Irradiation area:W210mm×D140mm×H50mm
LED Lights :18 LEDs
Timing function:30/60 seconds
Power Supply: DC5V≒2.1A〜3.0A

Made in Japan
Scheduled to be launched in January 2024